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Wheel Alignment

We can combine our fully qualified expertise and knowledge with our local understanding of the driving conditions in North Fitzroy to not only make sure your wheels are aligned correctly, but to confirm there are no underlying issues with the technologies behind the wheel that keep you safe on the roads.

The performance of safety systems such as traction, stability control, and ABS braking systems depend largely on how well the suspension performs, which also depends on how well the wheels are aligned, which then has a direct bearing on how the suspension copes with cornering and braking forces, as well as with sudden steering inputs - phew, that's a long line of follow on effects! But that's why it's important to always have a fully qualified workshop perform your Wheel Alignment. 

Having an alignment procedure done at M & G Maiolo means knowing that the root cause of the original wheel alignment problem can be corrected professionally by suitably qualified technicians. Book in today!

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